Long-term financial sustainability for health systems starts with a strong foundation in primary care

You’ll also gain:

  • Better patient engagement and satisfaction
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Increased physician practice revenue
  • Larger practice panel size and visit capacity
  • Reduced physician turnover and burnout
  • Lower medical loss ratio (MLR)
  • Shared savings and incentive payments
  • Reduced Medicare readmission penalties
  • Reduced total cost of care

How? By increasing your investment in primary care.

Double your investment in primary care now to decrease overall spending on a per-patient basis

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Team-based primary care—your best investment

Primary Care Insights will help you implement a team-based model of care, using a train-the-trainer approach that is scalable across your organization. We will provide:

  • Detailed analysis of your practice’s financial and operational performance
  • A one-hour introductory webinar with your teams
  • A practice assessment, including 6+ data points
  • A pre-onsite consult with your practice team
  • A pre-implementation practice session with your IT personnel
  • On-site implementation, working elbow-to-elbow with your practice teams
  • Training for medical assistants, LPNs, RNs, and providers to use the four core principles of team-based primary care

  • Working with reception, IT, education, and compliance personnel
  • Ongoing support and fine-tuning
  • Monthly follow-up coaching sessions
  • Detailed analysis of your practice after implementation

Why Primary Care Insights?

Heidi Larson, MD, MBA, founder of Primary Care Insights, is a family physician with more than 25 years’ clinical experience. She helps hospitals and health systems manage burgeoning costs and improve outcomes. As a primary care doctor with an MBA from Brandeis University, she understands how physicians struggle to practice quality care while shouldering significant regulatory and administrative challenges. She is experienced at helping organizations implement the team-based care model in their practices to improve patient outcomes and ensure long-term financial sustainability. Every practice adapts the model to fit their unique needs, which is why Dr. Larson will work with your teams to tailor the plan accordingly.

Heidi M. Larson, MD, MBA

Hear Dr. Larson discuss the benefits and challenges of team-based care in this interview

Take advantage of this transformational process, offered on-site by an experienced physician, in time to get ahead of new payment models coming in 2020.