How to implement team-based primary care in your organization

Let Heidi Larson, MD, MBA help you assess your current state and develop a team-based model of care, customized to your unique practice requirements.

It’s scalable—across your organization

Primary Care Insights provides on-site support during your implementation process, working alongside your practice team(s), as well as with your IT, administrative, clinical quality, and education representatives. We use a train-the-trainer approach to help you build a customized model, scalable across other teams and practices in your organization.

primary team based care meeting

We provide:

  • Detailed analysis of your practice’s financial and operational performance
  • A one-hour introductory webinar with your administrative and clinical practice teams to review the basics of team-based care and how it will work for you
  • A comprehensive practice assessment, including physical layout, financial performance, visit volume, productivity, time spent answering phones and addressing messages in the EMR, results of clinical quality metrics, patient satisfaction scores, and provider engagement
  • A pre-onsite consult with your practice teams to discuss expectations and learn about their unique pain points
  • A pre-implementation practice session with your IT personnel
  • On-site implementation, working elbow-to-elbow with your practice teams, adapting the framework as needed
  • Training for medical assistants, LPNs, RNs, and providers to use the four core principles of team-based primary care

  • Working with reception, IT, education, and compliance personnel to streamline care needs and empower every member of the team to contribute at the top of their training
  • Ongoing support to fine-tune and customize team-based care to your needs
  • Monthly follow-up coaching sessions with your team via webinar to discuss progress
  • Detailed analysis of your practice after implementation

Other applications for team-based care

  • Pain management and medication-assisted therapy (MAT) programs based in primary care clinics that leverage collaborations with community resources such as emergency departments, education, law enforcement, behavioral health, transportation infrastructure, first responder programs, mobile treatment centers, homeless shelters, food pantries, safe injections sites, and telemedicine support
  • Care management that is embedded in primary care practices for maximum efficiency and care coordination
  • Efficient and effective management of post-acute care costs
  • Palliative care service lines that standardize care across all settings to honor the wishes of patients and their families

Because Primary Care Insights provides you with a scalable approach, you’ll be able to implement team-based care in these other areas.

Supporting and additional services

  • Medical records review to provide expert legal opinion and help with depositions on the evaluation and management of acute and chronic illnesses commonly seen in a family medicine practice.
  • Ambulatory clinic redesign in support of team-based care to promote efficiency and reduce direct costs through enhanced collaborations and standardization of clinical processes
  • Hands-on assistance with establishing solo, direct primary care, or concierge practices, including budgeting, marketing, and implementation support
  • Primary care investment strategy, including promotion of leadership and governance structures that drive strong physician engagement
  • Predictive analytics that produce risk stratification data that are actionable and delivered in real time to the point of care